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Took a bad fall recently and ended up in emergency with a damaged back.

It was not broken, just very bruised.

Cynthia took the time to come to my home and massage my lower back with the oil and crystals.

I was skeptical, but trusted her.  Almost immediately, the difference in pain and mobility was incredible. Cynthia left me with 2 crystals, Carnleian & Fluorite and a Crystal-Infused Massage Blend.  

She showed me how to use the oils and crystals everyday to keep the pain away.

I am sleeping better, too.   Those crystals are amazing!  Thank you very much!


Abbotsford BC

In 1991 a car accident left me with soft tissue damage to my mid back.  I tried all kinds of therapies to find relief from the pain and saw a chiropractor about every 2-3 weeks for 25 years.


Surrey BC

I am an 84 year old woman who took a bad fall and broke bones in both hands, arms and a collar bone.  While I was recuperating in all my casts, my daughter got me 2 Fluorite palm stones from Out of the Earth.  The only way I could use them was to have my daughter place 1 stone in each of my hands.  We did this every day.  At a physio appointment my therapist commented on the fact that I had minimal swelling and inflammation.   I also told him that I had very little pain, considering.  He asked me what I was doing, I told him it must be these 2 crystals, I had 1 in each pocket.

Thanks for the Fluorite crystals!


WhiteRock BC

Cookie had asthma related wheezing attacks multiple times per day for the past year.

Since putting the Carnelian Charm on her she only gets a couple of attacks per week.

Cookie the Cat

Burnaby BC

I really enjoyed taking several courses with Cynthia over the last few years.
I appreciated how patient Cynthia was with her students.
I now enjoy working on my clients at my in-home spa.

Wendy ~ Owner & Licensed Esthetician - LaBella Rose Spa

Abbotsford BC

I am truly enjoying the amazing gift of the usage of the crystals in my Massage,
Reflexology, Chakra Balancing and Reiki, that I do within my practice.
I am very grateful to you for your teachings in the Crystal Massage and

Chakra Balancing Courses that I took in 2011.
Thank you! 

Shelley ~ owner - It's, All About Healing AAH!

Sardis BC

I have worked with crystals, metaphysics and healing for over 30 years, and Cynthia repeatedly impresses me with the superior quality of her merchandise and services. Her extensive research, knowledge and experience are generously shared with all who seek it. Most of her offerings are original and therefore, available NO WHERE ELSE! Don't miss this outstanding selection of stones and crystals along with her unique healing kits and other tools to enhance your well-being and improve the overall quality of your life.
You owe it to yourself to stop by. :) 

Sandy ~ Owner - Soulscopes - Astrology for Life

Surrey BC

I got my stuff today!! Thank you so much for being understanding about the delay in mailing you a money order. I love every thing. I hope you let me order from you again. Thank you again !! 

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Orlando, Florida

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