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- What is Out of the Earth all about? -


A new way of Healing with Crystals & Gemstones!


Healing Crystals for Massage & Meditation

Discover a new way to Heal People & Pets with Crystal Energy


Crystal Meditation

- relax and surround yourself inside and out with healing crystal energy.

- meditate with the crystal alone or combine it with an Aromatherapy Blend of Essential Oils to create a whole new dimension of healing meditation.


Crystal Massage

- learn to use healing crystals in a soothing Vibrational Massage technique. 

-  brings you to a state of total physical relaxation while emotional stress is brought to the surface and released. 


Aromatherapy Crystal Massage -  a Unique Vibrational Healing!

- take healing to a whole new level!  Combine the advantages of Massage, the benefits of an Aromatherapy Blend of Essential Oils and the healing properties of Crystals to balance and harmonize your whole being.

- Essential Oils align or synchronize with the Healing Crystal's energy creating a unique vibrational signature.

- The healing properties of both the Crystal and Essential Oils are heightened by using them as a team!


You learning to heal yourself is what is important now!

I have designed simple techniques to put the healing back into the hands of people who really need it...YOU!

You can use any of these healing techniques to help yourself, your family, clients or pets.   Use your own hands and apply some simple techniques & tools and allow the Earth's gifts to heal you!

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