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- Crystals A to Z -

Raise your Healing Vibration with Crystals

Harvested from deep within the Earth, Healing Crystals embody the Earth's healing energy within them.

They heal holistically, working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being.

The crystal energy gets deep into the muscles, providing a deep release for the client

without creating painful tissue trauma


A new way to boost our immune systems and protect ourselves from the toxic influences of pesticides,

pollution, food additives, GMOs, medications, viruses and cancers.

In the Heart of the Stone...

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Agate, Botswana

​"enhances cellular memory, multi-dimensional healing, detox on all levels, depression, grief"


Crazy Lace Agate

"confidence, courage, absorbs emotional pain"

improves ego and self-esteem, provides vitality to vital organs, provides consolation in times of fear, protects emotionally.

Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage 

Agate, Dendritic

"heals nervous system, veins, circulatory system, pain relief" 


Agate, Moss

​"peace, stability, grounding, persistence, immune boost"

agree-ability, persuasiveness, strength in all endeavors, improve ego and self-esteem, immune system cleansing (place next to bed), stabilize all body systems, relieves mood swings.  Matches with essential oil of Lavender 


​"promotes feminine strength & intuition, truth, communication with nature spirits, harmony, opens heart & throat chakras, dissipates negative energy in nervous system, soothes nerves and emotions, healer of past-life wounds"

warrioress, equality, dispels irritating and negative energy, rejuvenates heart and throat chakras, enhances communications concerning love, aligns physical, etheric and astral bodies, nervous system disorders, nervousness, tension, strengthens boundaries, cell regeneration after trauma or injury.  Matches with essential oil of Geranium 

+ moldavite or nuummite = deepens insight into truth


​"powerful chakra cleanser and healer, absorbs pain and negative energy, alleviates stress, increases life force, optimal functioning of organs and systems, finding inner freedom"

transmutes negative energy, calms nerves, universal perfection, choice, re-birthing, purifies body, mind and spirit, light, warmth, clarification, increase energy levels, bladder problems, abuse, negativity, expel infection, stimulates physical energy, releases mental stress.  Matches with essential oil of Frankincence or Black Pepper 

+ Add moldavite = prosperity

+ jet = purification


​"activates crown chakra, Divine connection, protection, purification, sleep, headaches, tension, blood cleanser"

the stone of meditation, protect against psychic attacks, serenity, composure, enhance cooperation between physical, mental and emotional bodies, release of addictions, abscess, bacterial infection, endocrine gland disorders, hormone imbalance, migraine (dark purple), posture, shingles (cluster next to bed), viral infection, aftershock trauma, anger, burdens homesickness, insensitivity or over-sensitivity, connection to spirit, love, cleanse negative energy.   Matches with essential oil of Frankincence 
+ Scolecite = enhances spiritual connection

+ Moldavite = spiritual protection
+ Nuummite = spiritual protection
+ Sugilite = release addictive behavior
+ Ocean Jasper = increased spiritual protection

Amethyst/Cacoxenite or Super 7

A combination of several minerals including Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Goethite, Lepidochrocite

Each piece retains the properties of all...even if the piece does not visibly show each mineral

  • A very high vibration spiritual stone for Meditation & Massage 

  • Helps to reduce stress, fear, headaches, muscle & nerve pain 

  • Purifies emotional body 

  • Harmonizes the body, stimulates the body's natural healing system and heals cellular memory 

  • Heal, balance, align and energize all seven chakras


"combo of amethyst & citrine, mental & spiritual clarity, digs deep to remove blockages, strengthens immune system"

disperses negativity from the aura, fills voids with pure light energy, release negative emotional programming, helps one to enter the state of astral travel, inspiration.  Matches with a blend of essential oils of Frankincense & Juniper 

Angel Aura Quartz

"peace, serenity, expanded awareness, releases stress, muscle cramps, uplifts emotions, connection with Angels"

Matches with essential oil of Neroli 


"Angelic communication, serenity, expanded awareness"

a stone for raising the state of conscious awareness, balances, polarizes and aligns physical body with ethereal network, provides protective field, a sender and receiver, telepathic communication enhanced, contact with other worldly beings and spirit totems, spiritual journeys, astral travel, promotes astrological understanding, dispels anger, connects to universal knowledge, access angels and guardians.  Matches with essential oil of Neroli 

Apache Tears

​"grounding, protection, emotional healing, pulls out sorrow, negativity & pain"

comfort in times of grief, promotes a forgiving attitude release of grievances, removes self-limiting barriers, emotional cleansing, knee injury or stiffness, muscle spasm, suppressed negativity.  Matches with essential oil of Vetiver 


​"psychic activation, access to knowledge"

dissolves aloofness, negativity, expansion of knowledge, stimulates development of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and awareness of devic worlds, provides access to past-life insights.  Matches with essential oil of Orange 


​"interdimensional awareness, amplifies Reiki energy, activates inner vision, faith and trust in the Divine, distant healing"

creates a conscious connection between physical form & spiritual realm.  Matches with essential oil of Neroli 
Green Apophyllite + Green Calcite = affinity for Nature Spirits
Green Apophyllite + Infinite = increase sensitivity to Nature Spirits
Green Apophyllite + Seraphinite = connection with Nature Spirits

Aqua Aura Quartz

​"calming, relaxing, connection with spiritual realms, enhanced communication, psychic protection"

pure gold infused clear quartz, master-healer, open channels, cleanse aura, activate all chakras, release negativity, balance energy, relieve tension & stress, amplifies positive feelings.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper 


​"cooling, soothing, calms anger, relieves stress, release old emotional baggage, quiets nervous system"

"stone of courage", accelerates intellectual reasoning process, shields aura, aligns chakras, provides emotional and intellectual stability, enhances connection to higher self, enables one to travel deep within the self and to understand the complexities, relieves fever, fluid retention, lymph - excessive fluid, seasickness, swellings.  Matches with essential oil of Marjoram 
+ Larimar, Chrysocolla = enhances connection to Divine Feminine

Atlantisite (Stitchtite in Serpentine)

"a strong pain-relieveing crystal"

muscle and arthritis pain, inner peace, turbulent moods, relaxation.  Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage 


"de-stress, protects & clears heart chakra, helps to remain heart-centered, vitality, growth, confidence, luck, success in business, creativity, independence"

green Quartz, overall health and protection, pioneering, leadership, self-discipline, inner strength, find hope, optimism and joy in daily life, aching muscles and muscle damage, relieves anxiety, releases emotional baggage.  Matches with essential oil of Rose 


"​insight, vision, intuition, intellect"

stimulates pursuit of heavenly self, focus of intuitive self via third eye, verbalization of psychic experiences, enhance creativity, eliminate indecision & worries, stimulates compassion, empathy, self-confidence, insight, releases fears.  Matches with essential oil of Ylang Ylang 


​"the stone of heaven", enhances intuition

meditate by going deep within to be reborn into the light, dissolves conceit, arrogance, vanity, irrationality, improves flexibility of joints.  Matches with a blend of essential oils of Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage 


​"strength, purification, vitality, blood & energy cleanser, immune stimulator, stimulates lymph flow, courage"

balance total body, stabilize physical energy & immune system, be, renewal, communication with ancestors, releases aggression, strengthen blood.  Matches with essential oil of Eucalyptus 
+ Smokey Quartz, Jet, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline = purification
+ Petrified Wood, Red Jasper, Carnelian = increased physical vitality and strength

Agate, Blue Lace

​"communication, clarity, confidence, calms emotional body"

reach high spiritual places, flight, air, movement, grace, stabilize throat, spiritual communication.  Matches with essential oil of Ylang Ylang 

Calcite, Honey

"​clarity of insight, heal from past abuse, enhances self-confidence, stamina, persistence"

intellectual power, courage, overwhelm, balance hormones, soothing & grounding.  Matches with essential oil of Jasmine 

Calcite, Blue

​"psychic ability, astral travel, soothing emotional body"

clears lungs, promotes inner vision, take more responsibility for creating one's reality, attention deficit disorders, laryngitis.  Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage 

Calcite, Green

​"relaxation, emotional balance, release of stress and resentment, connection with the heart, forgiveness, relieves panic attacks"

Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage 

+ Green Apophyllite = affinity for Nature Spirits
+ Seraphinite = healing boost
+ Chrysocolla = deep relaxation, release of stress

Calcite, Orange

​"de-stresser, uplifting, brings joy, creativity, innovation, aids sexual enjoyment, alleviates guilt"

emotional balancer, confidence, balancing for social phobias, depression, removes meridian blockages, physically calming, releases hostility.  Matches with essential oil of Orange

+ Carnelian = stimulate sexual/creative energies
+ Selenite = magnifies Orange Calcite's energies

Calcite, Pink Mangano

​"wholeness, empathy, connection with the mind of the heart, calms hysteria"

high love vibrations, activates heart chakra, relieves tension, manganese content, from the High Andes in Peru, well-being, health of emotional body, tissue regeneration, nightmares, unconditional love, emotional blocks, connection to Divine
Matches with essential oil of Rose 

Calcite, Red

​"vitality, sensory awareness, clarity, enthusiasm for life, subtle addition of life force energy"

energy, sexuality, reproduction, grounding, removes stagnant energy (constipation), dissolves blockages
+ Ruby = enhancement of lifeforce energies
+ Smokey Quartz = grounding 


​"courage, vitality, confidence, lower back problems, arthritis"

strengthens blood and stamina, base chakra, analytical precision, perceptiveness, banish sorrow, apathy & sadness, increase personal power & energy, take action, detox, increase appetite, treats common cold.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper 
+ Orange Calcite = stimulate sexual/creative energies
+ Petrified Wood, Red Jasper, Bloodstone = increased physical vitality and strength


​"purging inner negativity, transformation and vibrational change, overcoming fear, nightmares, insomnia, revealing of one's path of service and overcoming resistance to it, aids in overcoming illness caused by past-life attachments"

synthesis between heart and crown chakras, combines spiritual dimension with unconditional love, allows one to recognize, integrate and understand attributes exhibited on the physical plane emitting a negative vibration, facilitating the acceptance of others, comprehension of self-inflicted lessons, protection, healing, attention deficit disorders, pancreas damage, grounding, strengthens boundaries & intuitive or psychic powers.  Matches with essential oil of Lavender 


​"self-healing, linking with Earth & Nature spirits, cleanse body energy, relieves pain, detox, encourages helpful bacteria"regeneration, eliminates toxins"

+ Seraphinite = resonate with Earth's consciousness 


​"heals the heart, emotional imbalances, release of fear-based emotions, growth, compassion, forgiveness, connect with Nature beings, heal from abuse, regeneration"

align chakras, heart chakra & heart healing stone, promotes a state of grace in deep meditation, acceptance, self-acceptance.  Matches with essential oil of Rose 
+ Moldavite = strengthens heart chakra
+ Nebula Stone = higher activation of heart chakra, enhanced healing capacity


​"Goddess energies, expression of the sacred, gentleness, compassion, power, emotional healing, PMS, arthritis, muscle pain, stress-related illness, release of stress, anxiety & fear, expressing inner wisdom, linking with the Earth's awareness"

ease emotional heartache, renewed strength and balance, attune to the Earth, harmony, heart, throat chakra, furthers ones understanding of others, purifies home and environment, communication, blood sugar levels imbalance, bronchitis, cramp, hip discomfort, lung diseases, pancreas diseases, period pain, PMS, pregnancy, broken heart, transmute negativity to positive, phobias, mental stress.  Matches with essential oil of Rose
+ Aquamarine, Larimar = enhances connection to Divine Feminine
+ Green Calcite = deep relaxation, release of stress


​"manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity, dispels negative energy"

clears other crystals, solar plexus chakra, mental focus and endurance, creativity, intelligent decisiveness, clear aura, problem solving, abdominal pain, gallbladder disorders, digestive system disorders, prevent food poisoning, gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids and other anal problems (put under seat cushion) malabsorption of nutrients, tissue regeneration, abundance, strengthens boundaries.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper 
+ Tourmalinated Quartz = amplify enhancement of mental clarity


​"manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity, dispels negative energy, stone of ascension, holistic healer, heightens spiritual awareness, overcomes fear, clears stress"

Matches with essential oil of Juniper

Clear Quartz

​"master healer, clearing, harmonizes chakras, amplifies intentions, assists other healing stones in drawing pain to surface"

amplifies one's energy, activates Dream-state, brings star energy into soul, communication with animals, purifies spirit, memory enhancement, balance, unfocused mind.  Warning! Clear Quartz should not be used on cancer patients, tumors, abnormal growths, etc.  Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage


​"divine inspiration, psychic ability, inner guidance, enhanced learning capacity, mental discipline"

Achilles' tendon, ligament & tendon disorders, intuition.  Matches with essential oil of Rosemary 

+ Lapis Lazuli = enhance psychic ability

Elestial Quartz

​"energy infusion from the higher realms, Divine love, angelic communication, grounding the Higher Self in Earthly life"

the "enchanted crystal", allows for flow in change and transition, brings heart and intellect into synchronicity, aligns one with the wisdom of the universe.  Matches with essential oil of Petitgrain 
Smokey Elestial + Moldavite = enhances powers of transformation, attunement, awakening


​"healing the emotional body, chases away depression, negative emotions, stabilize nervous system & optic nerve"

self-love, opening and following the wisdom of the heart, creativity, increases vitality & love force, brings harmony to paths of survival & fulfillment 


​"clears energy fields, dissipates emotional trauma, anxiety, arthritis, spine & nerve pain"

stabilize, objectivity, concentration, purification, mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision-making, stimulates the brain, treats anorexia and other eating disorders, low back pain, bruising, toothache, tiring effect of computer screens (place in between), unfocused mind, confusion.  Matches with essential oil of Rosemary 

+ Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian, Jet = clears energy field
+ Lapis Lazuli = enhances mental ability


​"grounding, making the spiritual physical, manifestation, protects body fields from toxic energies"

stone for the mind, memory enhancement, dispels heat, balance body meridians, attracts kind love, beware of overuse: can over- stimulate sensitives, heart patients, balancing of opposites, cramp, recovery, courage, optimism.  Matches with essential oil of Peppermint 
+ Ruby = root chakra activation
+ Black Tourmaline = increases grounding


​"inner vision, shamanic journeying, healing of old wounds, soul retrieval"

helps one to change painlessly, produces an electrical charge in auric field to strengthen and align subtle bodies, stimulates visions, helps to release discord from ones life, used in shamanic healing ceremonies to influence spirits.  Matches with essential oil of Lavender 
+ Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli = insight, intuition, increased mental ability

Jasper, Brecciated

​"grounding, emotional stability"

red jasper veined with hematite, mental clarity, circulates blood, enlivening effect, helps with weakness, exhaustion, help in dealing with crisis, readiness to meet conflicts, overcoming difficulties.  Matches with essential oils of Black Pepper & Lavender 

Jasper, Picasso

​"enhances artistic creativity"

change, perseverance, art, metabolism, circulation, digestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, weight loss, aids detox, grounding, calming, helps unsettled thoughts, stress, anxiety, transformation of relationships, master of the subconscious mind, interpret inner messages.  Matches with essential oil of Grapefruit 

Jasper, Red

​"physical strength & vitality, cleans & stabilizes aura, strengthens boundaries"

stabilization of one's energies, heal and release shame or guilt around sexual issues, prevent illness, treats past abuse, stimulates Kundalini.  Matches with essential oil of Lavender 
+ Petrified Wood, Bloodstone, Carnelian = increased physical vitality and strength

Jasper, Rainforest

​"Earth healing, connection with Nature, joy in life"

grief, depression, change, variety, progress, lights fire of creativity within the soul, provides insight to subtle energy channels, promotes insight into raising energy, process things from the past to clear way toward future, focus on each moment, muscle rupture, rashes, illusion, animal healing and communication.  Matches with essential oil of Rosewood 

Jasper, Mookite

​"physically stabilizing, fortifies immune system, heals wounds, purifies blood, connection with Nature & Uluru"

slows ageing process, understanding and release of emotional and behavioral problems handed down from one's ancestry, tissue regeneration, stimulates physical vibration.  Matches with essential oil of Sandalwood 

Jasper, Ocean

​"release of negativity and stress, relaxation"

positive self-expression, physical and emotional healing, regeneration of tissues.  Matches with essential oil of Rosewood 
+ Lepidolite = increased relaxation
+ Amethyst = increased spiritual protection

Jasper, Picture

​"physical strength & vitality, inner journeying to sacred sites and ancient civilizations, connecting with Earth's consciousness, messages from the past"

uncover emotional guilt.  Matches with essential oil of Cedarwood 

Jasper, Unakite

​"balances opposites, release of bad habits, release negative emotions"

brings consciousness to present, balance emotional body, re-birthing, blockages in meridians, get to root of cause, unity, loss, access past lives, stimulates physical vibration, release of disharmonious emotional patterns, patient persistence, support in treatment of cancer or heart disease.  Matches with essential oil of Sandalwood 


​"protection, purification, grounding, clears the energy field of negative emotional attachments"

formed from fossilized wood, alleviates unreasonable fears
    + Black Tourmaline or Smokey Quartz = psychic protection and purification
    + Fluorite = clears energy field
    + Bloodstone = purification
    + Amber = purification
    + Serpentine = reinforce serpentine energies in the kundalini's awakening process
    + Lepidolite = release of stress
    + Moldavite = smoother inner transformation and rapid discharge of what needs to be released 


​"Divine love, emotional healing, supports parasympathetic nervous system"

heart chakra, highest Lithium content of all crystals, clears all emotional debris, best stone for manic depression, loving thoughts and communication, powerful peace, purification, unconditional love, removes obstacles, raises vibration of surrounding area, deep meditative states, centering, emotional healing, acute addictions.  Matches with essential oil of Grapefruit 


"​does not accumulate negative energy, aligns all chakras automatically with no conscious direction, opens chakras, align emotional, physical, spiritual, ethereal, astral bodies, tranquility, calm to entire being"

communication and psychic awareness, dispels anger and frustration, facilitates meditation, connect with guides, dream recall, dispels energy blockages causing physical disease, empathy.  Matches with essential oil of Geranium 


​"roots out negative emotional patterns, protects & stabilizes the aura, brings light into darkness, visualization"

keeps aura clear, balanced, protected and free from energy leaks, enhances connection between physical and ethereal realms, transforms intuition into intellectual thought, provides clarity to the inner sight, magic, protection, emphysema, insecurity, uncover belief patterns, psychic powers.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper 
+ Moonstone = vibration of Divine Feminine

Lapis Lazuli

​"pain, depression, migraines, insomnia, truthful communication, aids in seeing the karmic or psychological roots of illness"

most sacred of all stones to ancient Egyptians, total awareness, objectivity, relief from buried issues, inner vision, royal virtues, awakens third eye, dizziness & vertigo, hernia, muscle rupture, concentration, dreams, uncover belief patterns.   Matches with a blend of essential oils of Lemon & Rosemary 
    + Dumoritierite = enhance psychic ability
    + Fluorite = enhances mental ability
    + Moldavite = transformation to one's highest purpose
    + Iolite, Sodalite = insight, intuition, increased mental ability



​"love, peace, tranquility, draws out pain, soothing to emotional body, enhances one's link to the Divine Feminine, connection with Goddess energies, stress-related illness, free oneself from unhealthy attachments"

a stone for Earth Healing, represents peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing and love, throat chakra, inner wisdom & outer manifestation, see the Self from outside the realm of personal reality, brings serenity to an environment, feminine power, calming, cooling, soothing to emotional body, cartilage injury, sore feet.   Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage 
    + Aquamarine, Chrysocolla = enhances connection to Divine Feminine
    + Lemurian Seed Crystal, Aqua Lemuria = journey to Atlantis
    + Moldavite = softens high energies of Moldavite


​"emotional healing & balance, stress relief, relaxation, sciatica, neuralgia, insomnia, dispels worry, sets boundaries"

high Lithium content (2nd only to Kunzite), clear expression or release of emotions, aware of subtle energies, stress reduction, relieves despondency, universal light, hope, acceptance, transition, restructure old patterns, induces smooth change, trust, openness, honesty, serenity, mild addictions, pinched nerve, compulsive disorders, manic depression.  Matches with essential oil of Petitgrain 
    + Ocean Jasper = increased relaxation


​"draws out negative emotional residue, heals the heart, protection, boosts vitality, tissue repair, recovery from illness, inflammation, arthritis"

transformation, clear and activate all chakras, clarify emotions, recognition and release of negative experiences, equalizing, balancing, instinctive, intuitive reasoning, creativity, confidence, protection, heart problems, insomnia.  Warning! Malachite absorbs emotional residue - frequent cleansing and time away from the body required.  Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage


​"awareness of cause of disease, supports releasing and healing, communication with higher self and extraterrestrials, rapid spiritual evolution, supports attunement of the body to its highest level of function, opens the heart, inspires one to fulfill one's highest destiny"

from a meteor in Czechoslovakia, 15 million years old, co-operation with extra-terrestrials, carries one beyond the mirage of life, interdimensional access, expands scope and magnitude of vibrational spectrums, expansion of vision - 3rd eye, transformation, rapid spiritual evolution
    + Amazonite = deepens insight into truth
    + Amber = prosperity
    + Amethyst = spiritual protection
    + Crysoprase = strengthens heart chakra
    + Smokey Elestial = enhances powers of transformation, attunement, awakening
    + Fulgerite = (for meditation hold 1 in each hand) profound purification and transformation, awakening of evolutionary forces
    + Infinite = break up crystallized energy patterns
    + Lapis Lazuli = transformation to one's highest purpose
    + Seraphinite = enhanced healing
    + Prehnite = ability to communicate with beings from higher dimensions
    + Mahogany Obsidian = move beyond past limitations
    + Gold Sheen Obsidian = enhances capacity to manifest one's true calling
    + Nuummite = accellerated transformation
    + Nebula Stone = contact and utilize intergalactic intelligence
    + Rhodochrosite = increased profundity of journey to recover forgotten pieces of self that hold the key to one's destiny,
      ground with Jet
    + Rose Quartz = activates capacity for spiritual transformation through the power of love
    + Rutilated Quartz = speeds process of personal transformation and awakening to higher purpose
    + Sodalite = higher vibration and transformational intensity


​"intuition, self-discovery, insight, dreams, moon energy, the Goddess energies, attunement with Divine Feminine, inner tranquility"

attune to emotional body, regulate feminine cycles, adapt to parenting, nurturing, changing structures in one's life, new beginnings, insight, dreams, the Goddess energies, cleanse negativity from chakras, degenerative conditions, tenderness, anaphylactic shock increase fertility, control, insensitivity or over-sensitivity, psychic powers.   Matches with essential oil of Juniper 
    + Labradorite = vibration of Divine Feminine
    + Rainbow Obsidian = maintain dual awareness, one on earth, the other on journey

Moonstone, Rainbow

​"vitality, inner peace, enthusiasm, self-appreciation, optimism, stimulates awakening of the Rainbow Body of Light, supports the body to overcome fatigue & depression" 


Nebula Stone

"​profound cellular healing, activates cellular consciousness, attunes to primordial energy of creation, detoxify, break self-abusive patterns and behaviors"

    + Scolecite = enhances connection with highest spiritual energies and entities
    + Moldavite = contact and utilize intergalactic intelligence
    + Chrysoprase = higher activation of heart chakra, enhanced healing capacity 


​"personal magic, self-acceptance, recognition of inner strength, attune to elemental forces, the deep journey to the core of yourself, calms nervous system"

 strengthens auric shield, insomnia, stress, tissue regeneration
    + Moldavite = accellerated transformation
    + Seraphinite = healing
    + Amethyst = spiritual protection 

Obsidian, Black

​"psychic protection, grounding, cleanses negativity, spirit communication, helps to break negative emotional patterns, helps dispel self-judgment & self-sabotage, aids in healing issues caused by unprocessed Shadow material"

volcanic glass, dispels negative energy, keeps a room "clear", gazing, sincerity in action, insight into future, shamanic ceremonies to remove disorder from body, creativity, psychic protection, lack of masculinity, higher self.   Matches with essential oil of Geranium
    + Bloodstone = purification
    + Fluorite = clears energy field
    + Scolecite = activates 3rd eye and crown chakras, enhances psychic abilities and higher spiritual focus

Obsidian, Gold Sheen

​"activating the higher will, enhanced manifestation, stomach & digestive issues"

volcanic glass, healing abuse of power, releases ego involvement, connect to the power of the Earth for healing
    + Moldavite = enhances capacity to manifest one's true calling

Obsidian, Mahogany

​"release from inner limitations, heals feelings of unworthiness, grounding, protecting"

open and cleanse grounding channel, dissolve ancestral patterns of abuse, detox, boost emotional energy, energy blocks, tissue regeneration, emotional growth.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper  
    + Moldavite = move beyond past limitations

Obsidian, Rainbow

​"teaches you about your spiritual nature, brings light into the darkness, recovery from emotional wounds"

journey through darkness into light, depression, mood swings, cleanse and align all chakras, grounds light into aura, stimulates physical energy, stabilize heart during stress.  Matches with essential oil of Petitgrain 
    + Rainbow Moonstone = maintain dual awareness, one on earth, the other on journey

Obsidian, Snowflake

​"perseverance, insight, improves circulation, supports spiritual healing of cancer, inspires belief in oneself"

recognize unnecessary patterns, redesign thoughts to rid them, attunement to spiritual guidance, overcome victimization, sinus problems anger, grounding.  Matches with essential oil of Patchouli 

Petrified Wood

​"steady growth, strong body, past-life recall, inner peace, enhances business endeavors, access cellular memories, work through old traumas, strengthens bones, skin & hair"

transformation, advance to highest chosen level, grounding, strength, visit past lives during meditation, steady growth, strong body, inner peace, identifies patterns no longer needed, grounding, recovery, connection to Earth.   Matches with essential oil of Cedarwood 
    + Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Carnelian = increased physical vitality and strength


"​an excellent healing stone often called the "Stone of Healing and Hope, assists with finding balance and stability"

access and work with past life memories, allowing one to gain information regarding both good and bad times without having to re-experience the emotion associated with them, brings a joyful feeling and decreases and transmutes anger.  Matches with essential oil of Rose 


​"the crystal to heal the healer, inner peace, union of the heart and the will, communication with non-physical beings, dispels worry & restlessness, supports digestive, circulatory, lymphatic & urinary systems, enhances visualization and deep meditation"

enhances protective fields, remember dreams, advances meditation, brings in the aide of the Divine to inspire, contact with entities via visualization, emotional soap, connective tissue disorders, inspiration, identify roots of disease.  Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage
    + Moldavite, or Scolecite = ability to communicate with beings from higher dimensions

Quartz, Girasol or Opalized

​"enhances communication skills, promotes creativity, joy, happiness, strong but gentle healer, fatigue and chronic fatigue syndromes"



​"selfless love & compassion, heals deep emotional trauma (inner child) & nervous system imbalances, stress"

"the stone of love and balance", assists in creating new worlds of love and dreams for the user, self-love, can provide an encounter with one's twin soul, gently energizes and purifies base, sacral and heart chakras, expands ones consciousness, removes tendencies towards avoidance or denial, emotional healing, compassion, energetic healing for myelin sheath covering nerves, ageing, mental breakdown, trauma stabilize nervous system.   Matches with essential oil of Rose 
 + Moldavite = increased profundity of journey to recover forgotten pieces of self that hold the key to one's destiny, ground with Jet


​"rescue stone - eases emotional trauma, creativity, compassion, generosity, love"

love stone, attain greatest potential, anxiety, clear and activate heart chakra, self-worth, expel toxins.  Matches with essential oil of Rose 
    + Scolecite = awaken to higher self and act from that

Rose Quartz

"love & emotional healing, releases past wounds"

the "love stone", loving, gentle, calmness, clarity, energy of love, heals emotional wounds, stress, tension, heart chakra, cough, increase fertility youthful appearance (place rough stone in bath), excessive emotions, lack of forgiveness, frustration, guilt, inadequacy, jealousy lovelessness, strengthen heart, emotional blocks.  Matches with essential oil of Rose 
    + Moldavite = activates capacity for spiritual transformation through the power of love
    + Scolecite = enhances ability to use Rose Quartz as a window to Divine Love

Ruby / Kyanite / Fuchsite

"​eases tension due to stress, eases pain, encourages good sleep, serenity, protection, rheumatism, back disorders, composure, self-determination, paralysis, inflammation, heart problems"

    Matches with essential oil of Clary Sage 

    + Red Calcite = enhancement of life force energies
    + Hematite = root chakra activation
    + Larimar = uplifts Ruby
    + Watermelon Tourmaline = brings intensity of passion to energy of joy

Ruby Zoisite

​"awakening of the true self, increase in life force, infuses the body with chi"

mind, vitality, heart, generally run down, psychic abilities, communication with spirits, enjoyment of the moment, perceive the gift in every breath of life, anger, despair, hopelessness, defeat, healer of the emotional body, terminal disease, transition of death.
Matches with essential oil of Peppermint 

Rutilated Quartz

​"helpful for chronic conditions, exhaustion, cell growth & regeneration, respiratory tract"

intensifies power of quartz crystal, get to root of problem, connects astral travel with physical life, despair, mental apathy, mental balance mental breakdown, cleanse negative energy, infuse light energy, psychic powers.   Matches with essential oil of Rosemary
    + Moldavite = speeds process of personal transformation and awakening to higher purpose
Rutilated Smokey Quartz - manifestation, ground dreams of career, prosperity, adventure, spiritual growth into physical life, the rutile speeds up the healing processes of Smokey Quartz greatly 


"inner peace, relaxation, tranquility, serenity"

interdimensional travel, supports stable brain function and serotonin levels"awakening the heart.  Matches with essential oil of Neroli 
    + Amethyst = enhances spiritual connection
    + Black Obsidian = activates 3rd eye & crown chakras, enhances psychic abilities & higher spiritual focus
    + Rose Quartz = enhances ability to use Rose Quartz as a window to Divine Love
    + Nebula Stone = enhanced connection with highest spiritual energies and entities
    + Prehnite = ability to communicate with beings from higher dimensions
    + Sodalite = brings powerful mental and psychic activation to a higher spiritual level


"​crystallized white light, 8th chakra, clarity of mind, access past lives, business pursuits, flexibility, strength, spinal energy blockages"

cellular regeneration, communication with higher self, spirit guides and angels, back pain, hair loss, psoriasis, shingles (place on blisters), skin disorders, abuse
    + Orange Calcite = magnifies Orange Calcite's energies
    + All stones = amplifies the energy of all other stones
Warning! Selenite should not be used with essential oils or massaged on the body.  Shards of the glass can embed in skin.



​"regeneration, self-healing, spiritual healing to reduce activity of cancer cells, cleanses heart chakra, promotes living from the heart, release of toxic emotions, communication with angels & Nature spirits"

most effective stone for cellular regeneration and can cause a flush of pure healing energy, causes old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away and new patterns to be created, the premier healing stone of this age, the tool most suited to bringing the physical body into line with the Light energy, heart chakra, or any chakra or any other part of the body where enhanced and harmonized energies are desired strengthen blood, strengthens boundaries, connection to Divine.  Matches with essential oil of Rosewood 
    + Green Calcite = healing boost
    + Chlorite = resonate with Earth's consciousness
    + Infinite = enhance healing power
    + Nuummite = healing
    + Green Apophyllite = connection with Nature Spirits


​"beneficial for SAD (seasonal affective disorder), reduces swellings & growths, improves flexibility"

enhances energies of healing vibrations within a group for healing, drumming, chanting, reprograms cellular memory,
detects and rebalances body blockages, hold for comfort in times of stress, focuses the body's healing energy.
Connects you to the Dragon Energy! 


​"awakening of higher brain functions, connection with Nature, Kundalini awakening"

stimulates an opening in the path for Kundalini, placement on crown chakra initiates the movement, connection with Nature, enhances meditative state, soothing to emotional body, release fear of change, parasites.  Matches with essential oil of Sandalwood
    + Jet = reinforces serpentine energies in the Kundalini's awakening process

Smokey Quartz

​"muscle & nerve pain, headaches, strengthens back, transmutaion of negative energies, protective, grounding"

during meditation - grounding and anchoring while raising vibrations, transform negative energy patterns, dissolves energy fields generating from negative thought forms, manifestation of dreams, alignment of meridians, spiritual grounding, attentiveness to the moment, protective barrier around user, weak or sore ankles, lack of sex drive, grief, lack of masculinity, negativity.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper 
    + Bloodstone = purification
    + Fluorite = clears energy field
    + Red Calcite = grounding


​"feminine healing & comfort, unites logic with intuition, cleanses lymphatic system"

dispels confusion, true feelings, companionship, deepened intuition, reduce stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, insensitivity or over-sensitivity, mental unrest, worries, psychic powers.  Matches with essential oil of Rose 
    + Lapis Lazuli = insight, intuition, increased mental ability
    + Moldavite = higher vibration and transformational intensity
    + Scolecite = brings powerful mental and psychic activation to a higher spiritual level


​"clear thinking, inner peace, opens intuition, calms ADD and ADHD"

detoxifier, treats brain disorders, organizes confusion of the mind
    + Apophyllite = brings heart and mind together 


​"The very same strain of Preseli stones from the same quarry as used to build Stonehenge"

contains a very powerful Earth Energy with an anchoring effect, inducing states of deep calm. A deep connection with the distant past, Relaxes & Restores at the same time. Concentrated healing for ear, nose & throat conditions, cuts through emotional entanglements providing for clarity of thought then grounded contentment."   Matches with essential oil of Lavender 


​"dreams, spiritual protection and purification, dissolves negativity, helps one receive and spread Divine Light, clears emotional body, peace of mind, supports healing from cancer"

eliminates negative attributes, adrenal gland disorders, pineal gland.  Matches with essential oil of Geranium
    + Amethyst = release addictive behavior

Tiger's Eye

​"balances polarities and extremes, discernment, harmony, courage, vitality, strength, hormone balance"

grounding, brightness, optimism, strength, blood fortifier, diverticulitis, accessing your gut feelings, wards against negativity, luck, emotional harmony.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper 

Tiger Iron

"​strength, stamina, focused will, physical energy, self-healing, grounding"

equal balance of electrical and magnetic energies, channels light into physical body, strengthen blood.  Matches with essential oil of Black Pepper 

Tourmaline, Black

​"repels and protects against negative energy, increase physical vitality, grounds base chakra to center of Earth"

stimulates reflex points for lower back, purification, protection, release chronic behaviors.  Matches with essential oil of Juniper 
    + Bloodstone = purification
    + Fluorite = clears energy field
    + Hematite = increases grounding