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- Crystal Massage & Meditation Kits for Pets -

Free Shipping !

on orders over $100

Take a Hands-On Approach to your Pet's Health & Healing
with These Simple Tools and Techniques! 

Massage your own pet to help relieve muscle & joint pain, reducing

stress and fear, help with behavioral problems & more. 

Pets will instantly align themselves to the Crystal's Vibration.

Crystal healing is non-invasive and harmless. Great for your Dog, Cat and most other pets!


Each Kit contains:

  • 1 Healing Crystal (similar to pictures below) + Info Card

  • Instructions for both Massage & Meditation with your Pet

  • 1 Organza Bag for your Kit

  • You will get the most effective results if your meditation is recorded so you can LISTEN to it!

Enter to win Pet of the Month!

Send in Your Pet's Testimonial & Pic

Each month we give away a Healing Crystal Massage & Meditation Kit

or a Healing Crystal Pet Charm to the pet who submits

the most creative & thoughtful testimonial.

Your pet's pic will appear here if they are the winner.
Click the Contact Us button below to send yours in today.

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- Wholesale Crystal Massage & Meditation Kits for Pets -

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