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Fairy Summons Meditation & Self-Massage Kit

Fairy Summons Meditation & Self-Massage Kit


Attract Fairy Healing Energy to Your Life! 

  • Connect with the Spirits of the Earth using her Crystal Jewels & Aromatherapy.

Call on Flower Fairies, Tree Fairies, Fire Fairies, Water Fairies, Earth Fairies or House Fairies.

  • Each Fairy embodies the Healing Energy of the realm they reside in.


  • This meditation can be used to connect you with Fairy energy and to call forward the Fairy's Healing Energy to assist you.
  • Call Fairy Energy using a Healing Crystal and Aromatherapy Blend.
  • Breathe & Meditate with your Healing Fairy
  • Each Kit contains - 1 Healing Crystal + Info Card, 1 Crystal-Infused Massage Blend, Instructions for both Self-Massage & Meditation, 1 Organza Bag for your Kit
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