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Exfoliation Massage

Exfoliation Massage


This luxurious full body gentle exfoliation treatment with an assortment of aromatic essential oils and mineral-rich sea salts, smoothes away dead skin cells and stimulates blood and lymph circulation, leaving skin moisturized and soft. 


Why not add Back Exfoliation Massage to your treatments?  The back is difficult for clients to exfoliate on their own.  Offer them a package deal with Massage & Reflexology.


Included are recipes to create your own signature exfoliation scrub for your salon!


  • Therapists wanting that extra flourish may be interested in adding this specialized body treatment usually found only in high-end spas.
  • This treatment can be done on the full body, back, neck & shoulders or just on the feet and calves, to spruce up your pedicure or hands and arms to enhance your manicures!
  • Supply List - What you want to have on hand to take the course.

     massage table, table sheets (fitted, flat & face cradle cover), light warm

     blanket, pillow for knee support, Aromatherapy Massage Blend, Healing

     Crystals, rubbing alcohol and paper towels for cleaning crystals.

One 3 hour session $145

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