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Aromatherapy Crystal Chakra Massage


This Course combines the advantages of a Full-Body Massage, the benefits of Essential Oils and the healing properties of Crystals to balance and harmonize the whole being through the Chakra System.


This Vibrational Healing Treatment brings a state of total relaxation to Body, Mind & Spirit. 


The Chakra System distributes energy for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.

First step is Cleansing, Balancing & Empowering the Major & Minor Chakras of the body.

Second step is a Full-Body Vibrational Crystal Massage!

(taught in a separate class)


Immerse yourself in the healing world of Aromatherapy!

Included is home-study for Essential Oils - their uses, blending and precautions.


Supply List - What you want to have on hand to take the course.

massage table, table sheets (fitted, flat & face cradle cover), light warm blanket, pillow for knee support, Aromatherapy Massage Blend, Healing Crystals, rubbing alcohol and paper towels for cleaning crystals.

This treatment is taught as an addition to Aromatherapy Crystal Massage.


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