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Aromatherapy & Crystal Self-Massage

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

  • Maintain an attitude of nurturing and love toward yourself and your body.

  • Keep your attention on the part of your body you are oiling.

  • Apply oil sparingly unless you are having a shower or bath afterwards.

  • Use small amounts of oil, adding more when necessary.

  • Use both hands and adapt to the contours of your body.

  • Work in circular movements and long strokes working from the extremities towards the heart.

  • Try a twice-daily routine to start.

  • On arising use invigorating and stimulating oils.

  • On retiring use sedating and relaxing oils. Before treating clients, use protective, clearing and balancing oils.

Basic Crystal Massage Techniques Recommended to Perform the Massage

  • Use hands to apply oil to body area.

  • If using a crystal palm stone, hold firmly in one hand and glide or slide it over body area.

  • If using a crystal sphere, hold firmly in one hand gliding over body while rolling stone in palm of hand, moving slowly over area.

  • While using crystal sphere, hold fingers firmly around crystal like a cage, moving in a circular motion, allowing the crystal to rotate within that cage.

  • This creates a vibration within the crystal to stimulate its healing properties.

  • When you reach a *hollow* on the body, work crystal in circular motions in that hollow to release any toxins held there.

  • Use round-ended crystals or wands to work smaller, deeper points on the body. Make sure you use only rounded ends, not rough or pointed stones.

  • When moving on to each new body part, apply oil with bare hands, then proceed with technique holding crystal.

Massage Sequence

  1. Work oil into hands.

  2. Roll crystal all over palm area.

  3. Roll crystal in circular motions against palm and fingers.

  4. Glide crystal over back of hand, working in direction of bones.

  5. Glide crystal up arm, over shoulder and down back of arm.

  6. Starting at wrist, make small circular movements with crystal, working slowly up to shoulder, over and down the back of the arm.

  7. Cross foot over opposite leg and roll crystal into sole of foot, pressing in at base of toes.

  8. Work over tops of feet, moving in the direction of the toe bones.

  9. Work crystal in small circles around ankle bones, pressing into hollows.

  10. Use circular motions, working up leg from ankle. At knee, work crystal into hollows around knee cap with small circular strokes.

  11. Use long, sweeping moves to move energy from ankle to hip.

  12. Lie down flat on back. Work crystal into crease where leg joins body, working up and down and back and forth over area.

  13. Stay lying down, bend knees. Working crystal in small circles, move in a square shape with the direction of the colon; from right pelvic bone up to right hip, across to left hip, down to left pelvic bone and across to right pelvic bone.

  14. Sitting up or lying down, work crystal in circular motions on chest area, working around breasts. Use long, alternating horizontal strokes, first with one hand and then the other, from each side to the middle of your body. Pass crystal from one hand to the other.

  15. Work along collar bones and around shoulders, pressing crystal into trapezius from base of neck to top of shoulder.

  16. Use rounded-end wand to work into hollows at top of shoulder.

  17. Use crystal to work up and down back of neck, gently on the throat. Apply oil to base of skull at back of head and move crystal in circular motion.

  18. Roll crystal over the parts of the back that you can reach.

  19. Use smaller crystal to rotate on temples.

  20. Rotate crystal all over face. Use smaller crystal to push into hollows of jaw. Press up under cheek bones.

  21. Release energy from bladder channel. Resting elbows on knees or a table, use thumb pads to press into inner edge of eyebrow beside bridge of nose and rest weight of head on thumbs.

  22. Roll small crystal in and around ear area, dragging crystal into contours of ear and rolling on spinal ridge at back of ear.

  23. Pull ears away from head and move hands in circular motion.

  24. Apply fresh oil to your hands and hold them over nose while inhaling deeply several times.

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