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rainforest massage

Rainforest Massage


A gentle rain forest mist falls as you enjoy a soothing
Aromatherapy Massage with Hot Stones & Healing Crystals.


Close your eyes and dream of exotic places as you experience
the scents, sounds and energy of a tropical paradise.

During this relaxing treatment, you will find yourself
continents away, being lulled into an exotic sensory experience
by the aroma of essential oils from the world's rainforests.


Supply List - What you want to have on hand to take the course.

massage table, table sheets (fitted, flat & face cradle cover), light warm blanket, pillow for knee support, Aromatherapy Massage Blend, Healing Crystals, Hot Stones and crock pot, rubbing alcohol and paper towels for cleaning crystals.

This treatment is taught as an addition to Aromatherapy Crystal Massage. 

One 3 hour session $145

  • Rainforest Massage

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    there are no returns or refund for classes purchased.

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