aromatherapy crystal massage

Aromatherapy Crystal Massage


Learn to use Essential Oil Blends with different Crystal Shapes in a soothing full body Vibrational Massage technique. 


This massage combines the advantages of Massage, the benefits of Essential Oils and the healing properties of Crystals to balance and harmonize

your whole being.

The combination of these techniques and tools brings a state of total

physical relaxation while emotional stress is brought to the

surface and released. 


Included is home-study for Essential Oils - their uses, blending and precautions.


Supply List - What you want to have on hand to take the course.

massage table, table sheets (fitted, flat & face cradle cover), light warm blanket, pillow for knee support, Aromatherapy Massage Blend, Healing Crystals, rubbing alcohol and paper towels for cleaning crystals.


If you have some prior massage experience you can easily learn the techniques in One 3 hour session = $145


 If you have no prior massage experience you may need more instruction time to learn the techniques.  Let's talk, we'll find out what will work best for you!

About Us 

You learning to heal yourself

is what is important now!
I have designed simple techniques to put the healing back into the hands of people who really need it...YOU!
Yes, I am serious about this.
You can do any of these healing techniques to help yourself, your family, clients or pets. Don't rely solely on someone else to heal you.

Apply some new techniques & tools and allow the Earth's gifts to heal you. 

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"All of the natural products or therapies suggested here are free from harmful side-effects because they do not invade the body; they simply support the body's own natural healing ability.  This healing information is not a prescription or diagnosis.  These options are alternative healing methods to complement your ongoing medical care and are not scientifically substantiated.  By using any of this information, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of it." 

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