Let My Whole Being Vibrate with Light

I Let My Whole Being Vibrate With Light

Look deep within the center of your heart
and find that tiny pinpoint
of brilliantly colored light.
It is such a beautiful color.
It is the very center of
your love and healing energy.
Watch as your pinpoint of light
begins to pulsate and grow
until it fills your heart.
Let it move through your body
from the top of your head
to the tips of your toes
and through the tips of your fingers.
You are absolutely glowing
with this beautiful colored light,
which is your love
and your healing energy.
Let your vibrate with this light.
Say to yourself,
"With each breath I am getting healthier."
Feel the light cleansing your body of dis-ease.
Let the light radiate from you
into the room,
into the world,
and into your special place in the world.
See everything whole.
You are important.
You do count.
What you do with the love in your heart
does matter.
You do make a difference.
And so it is.