Touch Your Inner Child

See your inner child in any way that you can
and notice how it looks and feels.
Comfort your child.
Apologize to it.
Tell it how sorry you are for forsaking it.
You have been away for so long
and you are now willing to make it up.
Promise this little child that
you will never ever leave it again.
Any time it wants it can reach out and touch you
and you will be there.
If it is scared, you will hold it.
If it is angry, it is okay to express the anger.
Tell it you love it very much.

You have the power to help create the kind of world
that you want you and your child to live in.
You have the power of your mind and your thoughts.
See yourself creating a wonderful world.
See your child relaxed and safe,
peaceful, laughing, happy, playing with friends.
Running free.
Touching a flower.
Hugging a tree.
Picking an apple from the tree and eating it with delight.
Playing with a puppy or kitten.
Swinging high above the trees.
Laughing with joy
and running up to you
and giving you a big hug.

See the two of you healthy
and living in a beautiful, safe place.
Having wonderful relationships
with your parents, friends and co-workers.
Being greeted with joy wherever you go.
Having a special kind of love.
See where you want to live
and what you want to work at.
And see yourselves as healthy.
Very healthy.
And so it is.