Get Ready

  • 1. Have your pet on a foam pad on the floor, a sofa or your lap.
  • 2. Try to work with your pet’s position at the time, the less re-positioning the better.
  • 3. Hold crystal in one hand and secure pet with the other.
  • 4. Avoid running crystal into bones like the spine, shoulder blades etc.
  • 5. Make long strokes in an elliptical shape.
  • 6. Maintain an attitude of nurturing and love toward yourself and your pet.


  • 1. with hand on one side of spine at top, move crystal down side of spine to base of tail and up sides and around shoulders to back of neck.
    Make long, smooth strokes.
  • 2. Move crystal in circles all over one side of spine, then the other.


  • 1. grasp tail near base with crystal in your hand and turn your hand, gliding over tail "twisting" to end.
  • 2. draw hand from base to tip in one long stroke, repeating to cover all sides of tail.


  • 1. hold paw with one hand, straighten leg, use other hand with crystal to draw from body down leg.
  • 2. move crystal in circles all over top side of leg, then the underside.


  • 1. move crystal in circular motion in space between toes and paw pad.
  • 2. work sides of crystal in between toes and around paw pad.


  • 1. move crystal in large circles around tummy.
  • 2. move crystal in small circles while making a larger circle around tummy. Alternate small circles with large circles.

    Shoulders, Neck, Head & Face

  • 1. move crystal around shoulder from front to back and up neck to base of skull.
  • 2. draw crystal up from center chest to throat and chin.
  • 3. move crystal down neck to top of spine and base of skull.
  • 4. work crystal in circular motion all over head, between ears, around base of ears, on forehead and down forehead to nose.