Deep Relaxation

  1. Open your mind, still your body and free your spirit to be more receptive to the healing energy of crystals.
  2. Surround yourself with as much quiet as possible.
  3. Make yourself comfortable.
  4. Place your crystal on a plain white piece of paper in front of you.
  5. Close your eyes.
  6. Hold both hands around the outsides of the crystal not quite touching it.
  7. Feel the energy of the crystal in your hands.
  8. Open your eyes and look at only the outer edges of the crystal and the space beyond the edges.
  9. You are looking at the crystal in a diffuse way which may seem a little fuzzy.
  10. Similar to any live creature’s aura, the crystal’s energy is larger than its physical form.
  11. Again, hold both hands around the outsides of the crystal not quite touching it.
  12. Imagine this crystal energy flowing up your arms and into your aura.
  13. Feel the crystal energy filling your aura that completely surrounds your body.
  14. Push your aura out from your body to about 2-3 feet while filling it with the crystal’s energy.
  15. Clearly define your aura’s edges to the size that you feel is comfortable.
  16. Use the crystal energy in your aura anytime to wash away any worries, discomfort or pain you may be feeling.
  17. When you feel you are ready, slowly become aware of your body.
  18. Notice how it feels to have the crystal energy within your aura.
  19. Slowly open your eyes and enjoy your space as you look around you.