• Aromatherapy Crystal Massage!

    Re-Discover an Ancient Egyptian & Atlantian Healing Technique!

    Heal People & Pets with
    Crystal Massage!

    • Healing Crystals for Massage & Meditation
    • Essential Oil Massage Blends &
      Healing Crystals
    • Reduce stress, relieve pain & boost your immune system!

  • Aromatherapy
          Crystal Massage!

    • Essential Oil Blends & Crystals combine to heal body, mind & spirit.
    • Open your mind, still your body and free your spirit with the healing energy of crystals.

  • The Crystal Connection!

    • Connect with a Healing Crystal, merge
      it's energy with your own and
      the healing begins
    • Which Crystals resonate with your energy?
    • Carry or wear your Power Stone!

Healing Crystals for Massage & Meditation
Online Healing Classes!

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2.25 inches - $45
"helpful for chronic conditions, exhaustion, cell growth & regeneration, respiratory tract"

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

2.5 inches - $55
"love & emotional healing, releases past wounds"

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1 inch - $25
"helps to overcome anxiety, worries and fears, an effective stress reducer, releasing mental blockages and negative thought patterns"

Buy This Point
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Angel Aura!

Angel Aura

1.25 inches $30
"peace, serenity, expanded awareness, releases stress, muscle cramps, uplifts emotions, connection with Angels"

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Black Obsidian Buddha

Black Obsidian Buddha

1.5 inches - $35
"psychic protection, grounding, cleanses negativity, spirit communication, helps to break negative emotional patterns, helps dispel self-judgement & self-sabotage"

Buy This Pendant
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2 inches - $40
"promotes feminine strength & intuition, truth, communication, harmony, opens heart & throat chakras, dissipates negative energy in nervous system"

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Re-Discover an Ancient Egyptian & Atlantian Crystal Massage Technique!

  • Did you know that Crystals can be used as Vibrational Healing Tools?
  • Work longer with less effort. Reduces strain on therapist's hands, wrists and thumbs.
  • Crystals help to direct the flow of healing energy to the area of the body that requires healing.
  • Boost the immune system to strengthen your defenses!
  • A new way to protect ourselves from the toxic influences of pesticides, pollution, food additives, GMOs, medications, viruses and cancers.
  • Use them along with any healing technique like Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki,
    Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release.
  • Harvested from deep within the Earth, Healing Crystals embody the Earth's healing energy within them.
  • The crystal energy gets deep into the muscles, providing a deep release for the client
    without creating painful tissue trauma.

There are many ways to implement these vital tools into your daily lives...

  • as a touchstone in your pocket
  • wearing a pendant or ring
  • to hold in meditation
  • using as a massage tool
  • combined with a crystal-infused essential oil blend for massage
  • as a room enhancement

Aromatherapy Crystal
Massage Kits
for People & Pets!

  • Kits for both Massage & Meditation
  • Each Kit Contains ~ 1 Crystal-Infused Massage Blend, 1 Healing Crystal & Instructions for both Self-Massage & Meditation
  • Kits to help relieve Muscle Pain, Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Insomnia, Pain & Stiffness of Arthritis, Immune Boost & more.
  • Add a new dimension to your healing!
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Natural Healing
for Pets

  • Aromatherapy Massage Class!
  • Aromatherapy & Aloe Paw Sanitizer
  • Aromatherapy Crystal Massage Kits
  • Healing Crystal Pendants
  • Lemongrass Flea Spray
  • Natural Diet for Dogs
  • Parasite Cleanse for Cancer
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment
See it All Here!

Healing Crystal Wine Charms

  • Wine Charms that look fabulous & Heal Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Let your guests choose their own Healing Crystal.
  • A glass of Wine with a side of Healing!
  • Included is our link to "How to Say Cheers in 60 Languages".


  • The Chakras are wheel-like vortices of energy located on the etheric body in a vertical line from the head to the pelvis.
  • They help distribute energy for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.
  • Specific essential oils and crystals assist and support spiritual development and awakening of the chakra energies.
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Self ! Chakra Balancing Kit

  • Kit contains:
    ~ Aromatherapy Chakra
       Balancing Blend,
    ~ 8 Chakra Crystals
       (similar to group shown)
    ~ Instructions for
       Self Chakra Balancing

Click to see larger view Chakra Crystals
Get the Kit Here

Rare & Beautiful Super 7 Mineral Amethyst, Cacoxenite !

A combination of several minerals: Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated Quartz (=2), Goethite, Lepidochrocite, Cacoxenite.

  • Helps to reduce stress, fear, headaches, muscle & nerve pain
  • Heal, balance, align and energize all seven chakras
  • Raises your healing gift to a new spiritual level
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A Piece of History

"The very same strain of Preseli stones from the same quarry as used to build Stonehenge."

  • Contains a very powerful Earth Energy with an anchoring effect, inducing states of deep calm
  • A deep connection with the distant past
  • Relaxes & Restores at the same time
  • Concentrated healing for ear, nose & throat conditions
  • Cuts through emotional entanglements providing for clarity of thought then grounded contentment
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Healing Crystal Wine Charms

A Taste of the Mayan Mystique!

  • Body: Full, Smooth & Chocolatey
  • Tasting Notes: Rich, Intense, Vibrant, Robust, Lush
  • Origin: Cafe Justicia is a delicious organic "fair trade plus" coffee grown by Mayan communities in the high-altitude hillsides above Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
  • Lovingly roasted in Vancouver, BC !

What People are Saying...

Shelley ~ It's, All About Healing AAH!

The Benefits of Crystal Massage

I am truly enjoying the amazing gift of the
usage of the crystals in my Massage,
Reflexology, Chakra Balancing and Reiki,
that I do within my practice.
I am very grateful to you for your teachings
in the Crystal Massage and Chakra
Balancing Courses that I took in 2011.
Thank you, Shelley

Healing Crystal Wine Charms

  • Charms that look fabulous & Heal Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Let your guests choose their own Healing Crystal.
  • A glass of Tea or Coffee with a side of Healing!

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